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My son recently broke his two front teeth playing Lacrosse. The staff was able to get me in that day. They made us feel welcome even though we were inconveniencing their schedule. Dr. Johnson was able to repair his teeth and made them look so real. My son is only 10 years old and Dr. Johnson is his favorite dentist! He is so proud of his new teeth. South Mountain Dental is definitely the place to take the whole family!-larashel

I had not been to a dentist in nearly 5 years, and the entire South Mountain Dental team made me feel extremely comfortable. Inna and Dr. Johnson were very professional and easy to interact with throughout the appointment. A follow-up treatment plan for a cracked tooth was explained very clearly, and I left knowing I was set up with a solid path forward. I certainly would consider it an overall great visit.-Griffin


Great honest dentist! I take my whole family there (even toddlers) and they are the best. A pediatric dentist wanted to perform costly and invasive preventative treatment on my 3 yr old that included full anesthesia and would have terrified my toddler. I took her to Dr. Johnson and his approach was to stay on top of dental hygiene and watch the problem areas. Two years later still no cavities and a kid that loves the dentist!-Sara

Dr. Johnson spent almost an hour with us to discuss dental options after my daughter's braces are removed. He was very thorough and explained our options in a way we could easily understand and gave us a recommendation we felt very comfortable with. Thanks-Hannah


I was looking for a new family dentist and Dr. Johnson was referred to me by a friend. I had been taking my kids to a pediatric dentist and my husband and I had been going to someone else. When I walked into the door, I immediately noticed a sign for their No Cavity Club for kids. After meeting the doctor and seeing how many kids were in his waiting room, I decided to bring my kids as well. We are all happy and now I don't have to drive to two different places for dental care.-bouldermom


I am always impressed with Dr. Johnson and his staff. Dr. Johnson makes his decisions based on good clinical judgement, and nothing else. He is smart and talented. I am a physician, and I am somewhat picky about people in the health care field. Dr. Johnson is an excellent dentist.- Alyssa

Dr. Johnson, You and your team are always very friendly, and compassionate, when needed. Be it in the dental chair or at the check out counter, asking for money. Very professional, and more importantly, very kind! And the new facility rocks! I even enjoy the drive to the dentist more than ever! As I think about this one, if not already captured in professional dental associations, it should be! A relaxing drive to the dentist, may change the whole experience, for more than just me.-Jeff

I love this office. The front office, dental assistant and doctor are all so fabulous. They are nice, on time and know what's going on at all times. It feels like they built their day around my appointment and knowing what was needed during my appointment. Favorite dental office. Couldn't be happier.-Holly

Another great visit!! The front desk gals were there usual friendly selves and were organized and ready when I came in. The Dental Hygienist was superb and did an excellent job in good time. And then, the doctor gave me a thorough exam and gave me the magic words that I like to hear "NO CAVITIES !!!!" Received a quick checkout by the lady at the front desk and was good to go. So, I went! Rich.

Dr. Johnson and all his staff do a great job. Everyone is genuinely friendly and truly professional. I have had everything from simple cleanings and checkups to root canal and wisdom tooth removal (finally, in my late 40's)...I stayed with Dr. Johnson even though we moved to another part of the's well worth it for the peace of mind from knowing I will get the best dental care available.- Vincenzo


As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a smile and words of welcome. It's always a treat to take a seat and enjoy the incredible view. The hygienist appeared within minutes and I was treated to a expert cleaning, checking, and the time seemed to fly by. Before I know it I had my next appointment set up and was on my way ready to smile at the world.-Connie

I appreciate being seen on time & the professional staff. They are always very friendly, pleasant & know what they are talking about regarding my appointment, insurance, procedures & general well being. I thank Dr. Johnson & his staff for taking care of me over the years. -Maggie
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Draper, UT 84020
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